Partnering With The Community To Provide Nutritious Food To Children

Who Might Not Eat Well During The Weekend

Friday Food Bag Foundation
P.O. Box 1186, Cheyenne, WY 82003-1186

The Friday Food Bag Foundation works with social workers from both LCSD #1 and LCSD #2 to deliver bags of nutritious, non-perishable food each Friday while school is in session to children who otherwise might not eat well, or at all, during the weekends.

YOU CAN HELP provide these students better health, nutrition, and education by joining the Friday Food Bag Foundation Adopt A Bag program. A donation of $225 payable to the Foundation will provide one student a Friday Food Bag each week for the entire school year.

We had an amazing Wednesday last week!! A free Lasagna Lunch fundraiser at the Morris House Bistro was graciously organized and hosted by Ashley Jones, which raised $1,243, served 70 people and was a huge success!! We want to thank not only Ashley Jones and her family for their support and leadership, but also Jo Ed Produce who donated most of the food to make the lasagna, The Bread Basket who donated the bread, Kinko’s who printed the flyers, and The Morris House Bistro who donated their time, venue, and other food items for the lunch. And thank you to all who dropped by and had some delicious lasagna and supported the Friday Food Bag Foundation!! The Foundation also received support from two other wonderful organizations in Cheyenne on Wednesday. We received a $3,000 grant from the Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne and $3,200 from the Sons of Italy from their fundraiser in March. A great one day total of $7,443 which will provide 1,488 bags for kids next school year! All in all a great day and big thank you to all those involved in help supporting the Friday Food Bag Foundation.

How We Make A Difference

Friday Food Bag Foundation
a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation.




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The Friday Food Bag Foundation works with educators and social workers from both LCSD1 and LCSD2 to deliver bags of nutritious, non-perishable food each Friday while school is in session to children who otherwise might not eat well, or at all, during the weekends. 


You can volunteer to help assemble the free food bags on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of every month behind Element Church, 600 E. Carlson Suite H, Cheyenne, WY  82009

What We Do

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  • The cost per bag is about $5.00. During the 2013-2014 school year, the expense for an entire school year (530 bags per week), plus five weeks of summer school (174 bags per week), is approximately $94, 450 for approximately 18,890 Friday Food Bags.
  • Based upon results from childhood hunger programs in existence for a number of years, providing nutritious weekend meals for this at-risk population should not only alleviate their immediate hunger but improve their overall health and performance levels during the school week.
  • All ordering, purchasing, unpacking and filling is done by volunteers. Food is purchased through JoEd Produce, a local business. Volunteers also deliver all Friday Food Bags to the participating schools each week for distribution.
  • The Friday Food Bag Foundation has no administrative overhead and is able to keep non-food expenses to an absolute minimum.
  • Friday Food Bag Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation.
Brown-BagDear Mrs. Petrillo,
The Friday Food Bag Foundation has delivered 31 bags each week containing nutritious and non-perishable food to Arp Elementary School.
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girlI really love what the Friday Food Bag Foundation has done for our community.  They really are making a difference in the educational and nutritional lives of our young people.

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Jane Doe, Happy Parent
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“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.”

– Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut